DREAM WORKER COMMUNICATIONS, accumulates more than 20 years’ experience based on entertainment & integrated marketing, services for almost hundreds of domestic and international brands, plans and then executes numerous marketing campaign or entertainment events in the great China.

Since established, DREAM WORKER still insists in “using entertainment resources skillfully to make the greatest value of brand communications” as commitments. Combines marketing resources and entertainment resources together closely, cooperates with global famous agencies and record companies to strategic alliance. Relies on substantial marketing resources and experiences, build good cooperation-relationship with government, society, media partner, expert and consumer, etc.. Tailor-mades the full-degrees and the most effective strategy for IMC. All of those always assist brand to promote image, and create amazing return on investment.


DREAM WORKER is the gathering of youth, activity, creativity and inspiration, also knew as the team with youth, creativity and passion. Holding the people-oriented idea to let everyone to express power. Well working environment is good at amplification of inspiration, is also responsible for every event to show good result. Every event is representative for creative ideas’ exploding from team.

DREAM WORKER is the word for team who have dream. Bases on market in China, integrity, creativity, teamwork and responsibility are blended into working process, DREAM WORKER sets good example in working from brainstorming to execution through integration of resources and services brand more better.


    Strive to provide the most professional service, always maintain an honest and transparent long-term relationship with every client and employee



    From the point of receiving our brief to planning and final execution, creativity underscores every facet of our work. Pride the communication works as always original, insightful and entertaining



    Embrace diversity and teamwork, also believe that the collect wisdom of a team always results in better solutions compared to individual excellence



    Treat making brand ideal come true as duty to create fabulous communications within conscientious attitude


  • Annie Lee (Managing Director)
    Over 20 years of experience in media arena and entertainment marketing across China mainland, Taiwan and Hong Kong. Her long tenure in MTV and various roles in entertainment industry have equipped her with rich China media experience and entertainment.
  • Malcolm Tan (Managing Partner)
    A veteran in sales, marketing, communication industry for 25 years in Asia-Pacific region, including stints in Greater China, Southeast Asia and South Pacific area. Have performed various senior executive roles in Food & Beverage, FMCG and advertising industry.
  • Francisco Rodriguez (Creative director)
    Francisco Rodriguez has more than a decade of integrated marketing expertise across industries, including the arts, associations, automotive, hospitality, media, private jets, watch & luxury.Highly insightful, market driven and a creative leader with 20 years in China.
  • OM Zhou (Creative director)
    Creative director with multiple business backgrounds and expertise to provide customer relationship and network marketing solutions from the direction of brand entertainment marketing.
  • Icy Wang (Account Director)
    More than 13 years performing roles in marketing and communication, including 3 years in IT & real estate. She has accumulated valuable experience in marketing.
  • Allen Zhang (Production Manager)
    Possesses deep knowledge and experience with entertainment marketing technology trends and on-ground event planning, Allen has been in the creative production business for more than 9 years.
  • Eddie Lee (Senior Art Director)
    With more than 8 years creative experience in art and design, he has a unique visual interpretation in brand concept and communication. His approach to art and design is both innovative and entertaining.